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Welcome To Spectrum ImpexIn this age of advanced medical treatment, it is essential that the medical staff get the best of training and support. The right kind of training enables them to have an idea of the human anatomy on the whole and their functions, thereby helping them to make proper diagnosis of the ailments and physical problems and deal with them accordingly. Thanks to advanced technology, medical science has undergone a sea change and now there are lots of modern gadgets and instruments like Nursing Manikins available that provide great logistic support and training. Ranking among the well-known nursing manikin suppliers, Spectrum Impex is the name that customers can simply trust on for getting the best of quality and class.

In simple terms, a nursing manikin is a kind of medical model that provides a technical representation of the human body as a whole. It is a kind of artificial model of the human body that is made of items such as plastic, wood, rubber, and so on. The main purpose of a manikin is to impart training to the medical staff wherein they are able to identify distinct body parts, their locations, and also the functions. All the body parts are marked in a manikin that enables trainees to understand them easily. Being one of the esteemed nursing manikin suppliers, our products are guaranteed and are made with high quality material that prevents breakage or damage. If used with care, the products can last of a long period of time.

You can choose from a wide range of nursing manikin based on the choice, preferences, and budget. Each kind of product has its features and attributes and is priced accordingly. Nevertheless, the price is worth paying for as you will be readily satisfied with the products. Starting from basic skeleton model and anatomical model manikins to advanced forms of CPR manikins, we pride ourselves in supplying all range of products to cater to the medical and nursing sectors that is upgrading each and every day. Moreover, our prices are affordable and customers do not need to shed huge amount of money.

The excellent products that we produce have helped us create a niche market and have made us among the top nursing manikin suppliers. All our manikins are available in unisex models, and even there are child and infant manikins used for pediatric purposes. Another advanced form of manikin that has good demand is the CPR Manikin. It mainly caters to cardiac training wherein all features, attributes and functions of the heart are clearly defined and marked. The manikins are also fitted with advanced light indicator to identify correct or incorrect mouth to mouth respiration and other CPR methods. The user has the scope to identify and learn the advanced procedures of CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation), and the benefits and prevent fatal cardiac arrests and heart ailments.

The Anatomical Model is a basic anatomical manikin that is mainly used to study the anatomy of the human body such as identifying the location of each body part and the overall human body structure. Anatomical and skeleton models such as the Unisex Torso manikin provide a great idea of the structure of the human body and the attributes. The manikin models consist of an exposed spine which has vertebrae that can be removed, interchangeable male and female genitals and a female breast plate. Other anatomical manikins include stomach models, heart models, brain models, skin models, ENT models, and so on.

The Skeleton model manikins supplied by us are also popular for their quality and multiple benefits and uses. The models provide an idea of the bone structure of the human body and help identify various bones and their locations. All are life-sized models and come in both adult and infant versions. You can choose from a wide range of skeleton manikins such as life size human skeleton (180 cms), deluxe life size human skeleton with stand, life sized vertebral with pelvis and femur heads, disarticulated skeleton model, medium skeleton with nerves and blood vessels, and lot other products.

Updating our nursing manikinsis also easy as the models are made of up flexible features that are available with up gradations. Based on the type of training that you require, the models can be upgraded with more features added or removed. Apart from health care, we also supply nursing manikins that are used to treat injuries. Some of these include advanced nursing and wound care manikins, advanced trauma simulator, and so on.

Years of delivering quality products and goodwill has helped rise up the ladder and become one of the premier nursing manikin suppliers. Come to us and get all kinds of nursing manikins under one roof to suit your medical needs. Provide a great training and help create a great medical workforce that treats with the best degree of finesse and support.

why choose our product ? CRISIL Verified & An ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Company
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Within a short span of time, we have carved a niche in the trading world & have become a one-stop solution for scientific teaching & education aids. The products are acknowledged in the market for its Durability, Accuracy, Scientific soundness & Clarity of different features of a human body in form of models.

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