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Advanced Gynecological Training Models
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Advanced Gynecological Training Models

Advanced Gynecological Training Models


  • Including all the functions of GD/F30S.
  • Hysteroscopy checking.
  • Laparoscopic visualization checking can observe the uterus, accessories, round ligament, uterine and other structures.
  • Allow to place the female condoms, contraceptive sponge, cervical cap and other contraceptives. Cervix and uterus can be replaced.
The Components :
The normal and abnormal uterus and accessories model can be bimanual and triple diagnosis checking Normal and abnormal cervix model (it is used for checking the parts by Hysteroscopy.)
1. Normal uterus and accessories (the front uterus wall is transparent, so the IDU can be placed and took out.)
2. Normal uterus and accessories.
3. Uterus associated with significant flexion, forward.
4. Uterus associated with significant back flexion, back forward.
5. Uterus associated with right ovarian cysts tubal.
6. Uterus associated with right tubal cyst.
7. Uterus associated with right hydrosalpinx.
8. Uterine fibroids.
9. Uterine inflammation associated with the right accessories uterine malformations.
Normal and abnormal cervix model
(it is used for checking the parts by gynecatoptron)
1. Normal cervix
2. Chronic cervicitis
3. Acute cervicitis
4. Cervical cyst Inflammation Bohnert
5. Cervical polyps
6. Cervical adenoma
1. Normal uterus
2. Endometrial polyps
3. Endometrial hyperplasia
4. Uterine Fibroids
5. Early uterine body cancer
6. Advanced uterine body cancer
7. End uterine cancer
8. Pregnant uterus model
9. 6-8 weeks of pregnancy the uterus
10. 10-12 weeks of pregnancy the uterus
11. 20 weeks of pregnancy the uterus
12. Simulation of post partum 48 hours uterus.
13. The process of placing and taking out the IDU.
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