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Advanced Nursing Training Manikin

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Advanced Nursing Training Manikin

Advanced Nursing Training Manikin

The system is designed according to the latest nursing curriculum for clinical nursing training. The system consists of a full-body male manikin, vital signs simulator, non-invasive simulator, with basic nursing and advanced nursing, including non-invasive BP, auscultation heart sound, respiration sound, bowel sound, simulate carotid artery pulse etc.

    Features of ECG simulator:

    GD/SM900 Vital signs simulator includes "Auscultation, ECG teaching special chest skin" "Auscultation Abdominal skin", vital signs simulator, simulative electronic auscultator, DC9V external power adapter, etc.

  • 17 kinds of ECG (e.g. :sinus heart rhythm, unifocal PVC, coupled PVC, atrial flutter, etc.)
  • 17 kinds of patient voice (e.g.: cough, vomit, etc.)
  • 42 kinds of common heart sound (e.g. : common Heart sound, sinus tachycardia, ventricular sepal Defect, etc.)
  • 24 kinds of respiration sound (e.g. bronchovesicular Breathing sound, egophony, coarse rales, etc.)
  • 4 kinds of bowel sound (e.g. : normal bowel sound, decreased bowel sound, blood murmur, etc.)
  • Large-screen LCD display, vivid and direct-viewing user Interface, easy to operate
  • Auscultation part adopts simulative electronic Auscultator and RFID labelling technique.
  • Volume is divided into 5 levels, each can be adjusted individually.
  • For auscultation teaching, can connect to voice box, can also connect earphone to play the designated auscultation sound ; Flexible power supply choice : DC9V external power Adapter or 6pcs # 5 battery
  • Power saving function : If there is no keying operation within 30 seconds, the LCD backlight would turn off; rekeying operation would turn on backlight
  • Trauma Evaluation and Nursing Modules:

  • Breast section and wound suturing care
  • Chest wall section and wound suturing care
  • Abdominal wall section and wound suturing care.
  • Closed drainage of thoracic cavity care
  • Drainage of cavitas pericardialis care
  • T-tube drainage care
  • Abdominal draining care
  • Pneumothorax puncture care
  • Thigh trauma incision and wound suturing care
  • Thigh skin laceration care
  • Thigh infective ulcer care
  • Varix of lower limb and ulcer care
  • Foot sphacelus, crushing injury of the first, second, third toe and heelstick care
  • Amputation stump of upper arm and wound nursing
  • Amputation stump of leg and wound nursing
  • Wearable pressure sore care.
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