Why The Nursing Simulator is Needed?

Nursing Training Simulator

The use of simulators should not be only centered on manual procedures practices but also on the generation of a learning environment which promotes the development of other skills such as communication, reflection, critical thought, decision taking, and the conception of the patient as a complex human entity.

The incorporation of high-fidelity simulators that do not teach disease constitutes an educational practice that has the backing, as the objective of constituting a favorable educational environment for the development of competitions that are unique to us and, at the same time, contribute to the ethical conditions of higher safety, not patient.

Development Options for You

By incorporating these technologies, it offers new educational possibilities for the formation of illness, but it is necessary to review the theoretical bases that make up a pedagogical model, such as clarifying the new parents that get teachers and some new teaching-learning centers. In consideration of John Dewey’s experiential learning council, as the area of ​​proximal development of Simulation’s construction, they offer provocative elements for the construction of a pedagogical model. These theoretical considerations demand or develop new non-teaching competences, such as the release or release of teaching-learning centers, to their adequate performance and assessment, which place or not a center of activity. Educational experiences that I have used high-fidelity simulators to report that, in spite of increasing competition and security in some cases, it may be very motivating because of its lack of realism. The Nursing Simulator  works perfect here.


Or the use of simulators should not be concentrated before the training of manual procedures, it should be carried out in parallel to a learning environment that is not integrated or development of other communication skills, reflection, critical thinking, taken from decisions that consider the patient as a complex human being. .


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