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Imported Anatomical Charts

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Imported Anatomical Charts

Imported Anatomical Charts

EACH SIZE : 50X75cms Laminated and Fitted with best Quality Rollers Rigid lamination, Aluminium Frame with Markable Surface.
Muscular System
AC8946 - The Muscular System
AC8947 - The Female Muscular System
Skeleton System
AC2425 - Understanding Low Back Pain
AC9850 - The Verterbral Column
AC9881 - Understanding Osteoporosis
AC9970 - Human Spine Disorders
AC9990 - Head & Neck
AC9989 - Whiplash Injuries of the Head & Neck
AC9991 - The Human Skull
AC9793 - Ligaments of the Joints
AC9803 - Understanding Arthritis
AC9790 - Hand and Wrist
AC8943 - The Skeletal System
AC9791 - Understanding Carpal Tunnel syndrome
AC9138 - Anatomy & Injuries of the Hand & Wrist
AC9799 - Shoulder and Elbow
AC9800 - Anatomy and Injuries of the Shoulder
AC9780 - Hip and Knee
AC9802 - Anatomy and Injuries of the Hip
AC9872 - Knee Injuries
AC9781 - Hip and Knee Inflammations
AC9795 - Foot & Ankle
AC8379 - Anatomy & Injuries of the Foot & Ankle
AC9839 - Understanding Pain
AC9932 - Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ)
AC9931 - Anatomy of the Teeth
AC9866 - Disorders of Teeth & Jaw
Weight And Diet
AC1111 - Understanding Your Weight
AC9779 - Maintaining a Healthy Weight
AC9776 - Risks of Obesity
AC2226 - BMI & Waist Circumference
AC9894 - Keys to Healthy Eating
AC9778 - Metabolic Syndrome
Heart And Circulatory System
AC9103 - High Cholesterol
AC9767 - Hypertension
AC9882 - Understanding Cholesterol
AC9798 - Understanding Hypertension
AC8953 - Deep Vein Thrombosis
AC8952 - The Vascular System & Viscera
AC9878 - Anatomy of the Heart
AC8023 - The Heart
AC9912 - Heart Disease
AC8824 - Heart Conditions
AC9915 - Cardiovascular Disease
Nervous System
AC8949 - The Nervous System
AC8024 - The Spinal Nerves
AC8026 - Autonomic Nervous System
AC8022 - Dermatomes
AC9974 - Understanding Depressions
AC9979 - Migraines and Headaches
AC9921 - Anatomy of the Brain
AC9920 - The Brain
AC9868 - Understanding Stroke
AC9976 - Understanding Alzheimer's
AC9978 - Understanding Parkinson's Disease
AC9716 - Understanding Multiple Sclerosis
AC9197 - Understanding Sleep Disorders
AC9867 - Understanding Epilepsy
AC2401 - Understanding Diabetic Neuropathies
AC9753 - Understanding Type 2 Diabetes
AC9754 - Understanding Type 1 Diabetes
AC9755 - Understanding Diabetes
The Endocrine System
AC831X - Thyroid Disorders
AC9720 - The Endocrine System
AC828X - Internal Organs of the Human Body
The Digestive System
AC9731 - Understanding Ulcers
AC9965 - Gastroesophageal Disorders and Digestive Anatomy
AC3331 - Understanding Colorectal Cancer
AC9859 - The Digestive System
AC9861 - Diseases of the Digestive System
AC9960 - The Liver
AC9992 - Understanding Hepatitis
AC9696 - Dangers of Alcohol
Urinary System
AC9951 - The Kidney
AC9796 - The Urinary Tract
AC9797 - Diseases of the Urinary Tract
AC2241 - Understanding Prostate Cancer
Lymphatic System
AC8937 - The Lymphatic System
Respiratory System
AC3232 - Understanding Lung Cancer
AC9766 - The Respiratory System
AC9783 - Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
AC9768 - The Respiratory System and Asthma
AC9862 - Understanding Asthma
AC9865 - Dangers of Smoking
AC9864 - Understanding Allergies
AC9875 - Understanding the Common Cold
AC8859 - Understanding Influenza
AC9073 - Diseases of the Lung
AC9774 - Understanding Bacterial Infections
AC9775 - Understanding Viral Infections
AC9940 - The Skin & Common Disorders
AC9998 - Understanding Skin Cancer
AC9942 - The Human Hair
Immune System
AC9773 - Understanding Human DNA
AC9730 - The Immune System: Allergic Response
AC9772 - The Development of Blood Cells
AC9761 - Understanding Leukemia
AC9756 - Understanding Cancer
Ear, Nose And Throat
AC9891 - Anatomy of the Inner Ear
AC9893 - Middle Ear Conditions
AC9890 - The Ear - Organs of Hearing and balance
AC9895 - Ear, Nose and Throat
AC9879 - Pharynx And Larynx
HIV And Aids
AC9765 - Sexually Transmitted Infections
AC9760 - Understanding HIV And Aids
AC9694 - The Eye: Anterior And Posterior chambers
AC9695 - Disorders of the Eye
AC9286 - Understanding Glaucoma
AC9691 - The Eye
Gynecology And Reproductive System
AC2333 - Understanding Ovarian Cancer
AC6547 - Understanding Cervical Cancer
AC9758 - Understanding Breast Cancer
AC9759 - Benign Breast Disease
AC9977 - Understanding Menopause
AC9652 - The Female Reproductive System
AC9981 - Pregnancy And Birth
AC3508 - Common Gynecological Disorders
AC9740 - Infertility
AC9863 - The Prostate
AC9672 - The Male Reproductive System
AC9673 - Understanding Erectile Dysfunction
AC2166 - Female Breast Anatomy
AC2265 - Prenatal Development
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