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Important Nursing Charts Set of 56 Charts

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Important Nursing Charts Set of 56 Charts

Each Size: Laminated & Fitted With Best Quality Plastic Rollers Or Rigid Chemical Lamination, Aluminium Frame with Markable Surface. Size 51 x 66 cm
Important Nursing Charts Set of 56 Charts
DMN001 Human Skeleton DMN200 Blood Circulatory System
DMN002 Different Types of Joints DMN201 Reproductive System
DMN003 Different Types of Vertebra, Atlas DMN202 Portal System
DMN004 Different Types of Vertebra, Axis DMN300 Baby Development
DMN005 Different Types of Vertebra, Cervical DMN301 Feeding Schedule of Preterm Infants
DMN006 Different Types of Vertebra, Thoracic DMN302 Placenta Membranes
DMN007 Different Types of Vertebra, Lumbar DMN400 CPR Infant
DMN008 Different Types of Arm Bones DMN401 CPR Child
DMN009 Different Types of Bones, Scapula DMN402 CPR Adult
DMN010 The Pelvic Girdle DMN500 Ocular Infections
DMN011 Different Types of Leg Bones DMN501 Anxiety Disorders
DMN012 Human Hand & Foot Bones DMN502 Obsessions and Compulsions
DMN013 Ligaments of Spinal Column DMN503 Schizophrenia
DMN014 Ligaments of Upper Limb DMN504 Bicornuate Uterus
DMN015 Ligaments of Lower Limb DMN505 Fibroid Uterus
DMN016 Pelvic Ligaments DMN506 Fibroadenoma Breast
DMN100 Dentition - Teeth Types DMN507 IUGR Baby
DMN101 Mammalian Skin V. S. DMN508 Hydatidiform Mole
DMN102 Trachea DMN509 Hydrosalpinx
DMN103 Larynx DMN510 Syphilis
DMN104 Oral Cavity DMN511 Parkinson's Disease
DMN105 Stomach DMN512 Alzheimer's Disease
DMN106 Pancreas DMN513 Epilepsy
DMN107 Spleen DMN700 Stages of Human Development
DMN108 Small Intestine DMN701 Cross Sectional Anatomy : Thoracic Vicera
DMN109 Large Intestine DMN702 Cross Sectional Anatomy : Abdominal Vicera
DMN110 Tongue DMN703 Cross Sectional Anatomy : Pelvic Vicera
DMN111 The Eye : Anterior & Posterior Chambers DMN900 Differentiation of Head & Public Hairs
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