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Midwifery and Child Health Nursing Charts

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Midwifery and Child Health Nursing Charts Set of 20 Charts

Each Size: 51X66cms Laminated and Fitted with best Quality Rollers Rigid lamination, Aluminium Frame with Markable Surface.
Midwifery & Child Health Nursing Charts Set of 20
INC01 Breast Changes in Pregnancy INC11 Brow Presentation
INC02 Uterine Changes in Pregnancy INC12 Twin Pregnancy
INC03 First Stage of Labour INC13 Placenta Praevia
INC04 Second Stage of Labour INC14 Caput Succedaneum, Cephalhaematoma
INC05 Third Stage of Labour INC15 Congenital Malformation of New Born
INC06 Complete Breech Presentation INC16 Cleft Lip-Palate
INC07 Incomplete Breech Presentation INC17 Spina Bifida
INC08 Foot Presentation INC18 Hydrocephalus
INC09 Shoulder Presentation INC19 Anencephalus
INC10 Face Presentation INC20 Breast Self Examination
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