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Prevent The Diseases Set of 24 Charts

Laminated & Fitted With Best Quality Plastic Rollers Or Rigid Chemical Lamination, Aluminium Frame with Markable Surface.
Size 50 x 75 cm. Set of 24 Charts.
Health, Hygiene And Sanitation Charts Prevent The Disesses:-
PD01 Cholera
PD02 Malaria
PD04 Plague
PD05 Tuberculosis
PD06 Leprosy
PD07 Influenza
PD08 Jaundice
PD09 Cancer
PD10 Typhoid
PD11 Viral Diseases
PD12 Chicken Pox
PD13 Dysentry
PD14 Hepatitis
PD15 Heart Attack
PD16 Diabetes
PD17 Asthma
PD18 Arthritis
PD19 Thyroid
PD20 Blood Pressure
PD21 Dengue
PD22 Measles
PD23 Food Poisoning
PD24 Poliomyelitis
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